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 The Moggill | Bellbowrie | Driving School

Our Driving School helps you with good habits in the first hours of learning to drive

sugarwood bellbowrieLearning to drive with the best Moggill Driving School is really about learning a series of good habits so you can safely drive on the roads. If you learn a series of poor habits it will be hard to undo those habits and your safety could be compromised. It is easy for you and easier for us if you learn good habits in your first few hours of driving and those are the habits you will develop and take to a Driving Test.

We are looking to have Moggill Learner Drivers start early with us so they get good foundation skills. For many learners,  just  4 hours with a skilled Driving Instructor will get them away to a very good start. This makes it so much easier for the parent / supervisor  to then take the Learner out to furthur develop those driving skills.


When should I take Driving School lessons in Moggill  ?

Taking Driving lessons in the first few hours of driving will enhance your ability to become a safe driver. Taking Driving lessons at the end of your logbook hours will enhance your chances of passing a Driving Test. Hopefully most Learners would want both these outcomes. The number of lessons that a Moggill Learner takes along the way can vary from person to person and can be influenced by prior learning experiences. A genuine Instructor would guide you with your progress, but as a Learner you should get your own feelings about how you are progressing and what you need to do with your driving. Learning to drive is not just about filling the hours in your logbook or going from point A to B. Quite a few of your hours need to be about focus activities such as steering technique, smooth braking , observation and scanning techniques, motorways and merging , roundabouts and a range of other activities.  At the far end of your logbook hours, you should spend some time on Test Preparation. Unfortunately Moggill is not ideal for Test Preparation activities and some driving in the inner and older suburbs can be more useful for this latter phase of Learning to drive.

We want ALL Moggill Learner Drivers to be safe drivers and that is the reason for our discounted starters package. Perhaps by offering this amazing deal we can tempt some of you to take these early and important lessons with our Driving School. If you feel we can help with your development  please click the Contact-Us icon.

Slowing Down in Bellbowrie Kenmore and Moggill

left corner speed
Many learners approach corners very fast and find themselves braking heavily as they drive around the corner. For many this becomes a habit and the way they continue to drive. However to go round a typical corner safely and with low risk you really need to be at a suitable speed before the corner and have the same forces acting on the car all the way through the corner. Many corners arent round and some are sharper than others. If you want to keep parents happy and eventually a Driving Examiner you need to approach corners and curves at a safe low risk speed.

When you are turning off a main road particularly if you have a tailgater with you , it is wise to slow very early so they slow with you early. This will reduce the risk of rear damage to your car. Similarly when you are stopping at an intersection or Red Light with a Tailgater, it is smart to slow early and roll through the last few metres to a stop. Even without the tailgater, it is still good practice to slow earlier as this will result in smoother braking as you stop. It really doesnt matter whether you are in Kenmore Moggill or Bellbowrie you will be far better off using this approach to stopping.

Look right - Look left - Look to the right again | Driving in Moggill

This is what children may be taught when crossing a road , but with busy traffic a child may need to repeat this many times before crossing.
( A child should not do this alone until they reach a suitable age.)

When Driving a car the same thing applies when turning right in Moggill.

For example, when turning right out of Sugarwood St Bellbowrie into Moggill Rd the "right, left, right" checking may need to be repeated several times due to traffic. Your last check is to the right because that is likely to be your first encounter with traffic. Particularly on this corner there are parked cars and on your first check to the right you may miss a moving car that is hidden from view. For those who need a smile you can play this cute right , left , right song on Youtube that is aimed at children.


Just little things like this can save lives and avoid very serious situations. It’s not hard to do. We can assist you.

Driving School in Bellbowrie with tips for driving a manual car 

Keep the car rolling when possible is very useful

    • When turning if your on an intersect timeline with another car -  slow early so they pass and you keep moving - that might mean going to a lower gear

    • When approaching a roundabout and needing to giveway - maybe slow early if about to intersect with another vehicle

    • In heavy traffic - space yourself wisely and stay out of slow traffic wave motion as best you can

    • When you see a gap in the traffic approaching - get the clutch to/below the friction point so you are ready in a timely fashion
      Learn some real clutch control - so all your transitions are smooth and reasonably timely in the situation

  • Avoid excess use of the accelerator to mask poor clutch control

In Bellbowrie we put a lot of time into these skills using drills in the first few hours of driving, so your confidence can grow quickly.

We find the streets of Bellbowrie and Moggill are excellent for basic training in both manual and auto cars