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The Driving School in Graceville

Driving School Instructors have to apply some psychology skills in Graceville

Learner Drivers in Graceville are just like Learners from other places across Western Brisbane. When they are in the Driving School car preparing on Driving Test day, we often see the nervous side coming to the fore. Part of being a quality Driving School Instructor in Graceville involves helping the Learner with a good mental framework to tackle the Driving Test. Too much anxiety can impair the Learners ability to drive at their best or even well and this can cause them to make costly and regrettable mistakes.

There are many different approaches to getting the Learner to adopt a good mental framework. Sometimes you may do a couple of mock tests with a Learner in Graceville and you can see that they will get nervous because they see it as a test even though its not a real valid test. If you do a second or third test they often start to be more at ease with it. So you can then say today you are doing a mock test with a different Instructor (The Examiner). You did well with the other tests we did in Graceville so this one should be even easier.

Sometimes a little basic re-assurance will be enough. For example, we have just practiced all the activities you are likely to do in your driving test and you have done really really well with them, so there is no reason for you not to do the same in your driving test. Stay focused and do your best is all you can do.

We do have lots of approaches to assist people that are demonstrating driving test anxiety and we go with whatever suits a particular person.

We can help you with your early phase of learning to drive and get you to relax from the start or we can assist you with your preparation heading into a practical driving test.

If we can assist your journey just click on the Contact-Us icon and send us a message.

Reverse Parking with our Driving School in Graceville | Chelmer

reverse parking ChelmerIn a Driving Test many Learners often drive through the Graceville or Chelmer backstreets as part of their practical driving test evaluation. While in these streets you may be asked to do a parallel reverse park. As a Driving School we often visit these streets with our Learners to practice Reverse Parking.reverse park Graceville There are lots of cars parked in these streets and the through traffic is light so it provides an ideal situation to learn Parking skills. Like all our lessons we have a structured approach to parking to make it easy for our Learners. Reverse parking is a sequence of clearly defined steps that can be followed by our Learners to get consistent parking outcomes in Graceville. Nothing about our parking process in random or ad-hoc - we like to keep the processes simple to follow. We use diagrams like this one and provide handouts on important topics. This approach allows the Learner to practice a week later and not leave some of the steps out of the process, because they have faded from memory.  Once the process is practiced many times then the Learner will remember and find it easy to get consistent parking. Parking is just one of many skills we can assist learners to develop using drills and explanations of the processes.