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Brizwest Driving School  in Kenmore

Foundation skills with our Driving School in Kenmore

Learning to drive with a quality Kenmore Driving School will give a Learner Driver the best opportunity to learn safe driving skills . It is ideal to learn the best skills early so you can take those skills with you all the way to a Driving Test and beyond.

Many Learners and Supervisors don’t realise that to be smooth with the brake and accelerator you may need to deliberately practice smooth braking and smooth acceleration technique. Good steering can be developed quickly with some deliberate steering drills. The task of moving and stopping near the kerb can be made simple, but many learners can get to 100 logbook hours and still not be very good with these basic skills. The real purpose of the 100 learner hours is to develop good skills and develop safe techniques. A quality Kenmore Instructor can accelerate this learning process and get you started on your journey and then the Supervisor can travel that journey with you. Foundation skills are so important for a Kenmore Learner.

Why do drills with BrizWest Driving School in Kenmore?

parallel park in KenmoreEverything you do as a “good and safe driver” is the result of well formed habits. We use drills to form these good habits. When we repeat the drills the task gets into our subconscious as the way we do a particular task and then it becomes our habit.  There are so many tasks to cover in learning to be this “good and safe driver”.

As  an example, one of the early tasks you should learn is how to move parallel and near to the kerb. A half decent driving instructor can give you some tips or an approach to do this well along with all the other  habits you should learn.  However we find many learners that have completed their logbook hours ,  cannot do this basic task well (perhaps like the picture).  If they  didn’t  learn this basic skill, then are other important skills missing?  You may start to wonder  if  life saving skills are missing.  Activities like smooth braking ,  good steering control , road position,  observation and scanning need to be practised as drills and each need time as focus activities.  Some 30 logbook hours of developing good safe skills may go into focus activities to develop the right habits.  Simply driving to school 5 days a week is not a recipe for “good safe driving” habits.


We are a ProActive Driving School in Kenmore

Once upon a time Learners went along to a one day or morning session to do an "Advanced Driver TrainerCourse". For sure it was fun to do the course but how useful would that be today. Also you would need to practice and develop those skills. One training session will not make you a football star. Our city roads are very congested these days and there are often other cars around you. Learning to swerve around witches hats at a quick pace is not going to be useful in congested traffic. Locking up the brakes on a skid pan is not going to help either because most cars now have ABS braking. Today we need to be aware of hazards on the road and anticipate changing conditions and change our response to the new conditions. If we do this well, we may never need to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid a hazard. Besides an unplanned swerve could result in major issues for you and other drivers.Taking control of your situation and response to changing situations is ProActive Driving. We work with Kenmore Learner Drivers as they progress with their driving to be more aware as they continue on their journey with our Driving School. The traffic in the Kenmore area can be very busy at times and so you need to be on your game and anticipate changes by being ProActive. Our Driving Instructor in Kenmore with help you to develop these skills.

Driving School teaching motorway skills for Westlake | Jindalee | Mount Ommaney

If you do a Google search on “ centenary motorway accident ” you will soon discover like most places there are frequent motorway accidents. As a Learner Driver you need NOT participate in these accidents. If you learn best practice motorway skills then you should be able to avoid getting involved in dangerous situations created by a few other drivers sharing your road. A quality Driving School will teach you how to merge safely onto the Centenary Motorway from Westlake and exit the motorway to your destination. While on the motorway you will need to deal with other traffic on the motorway and  those entering the motorway. You will need to be aware and on the lookout for unexpected hazards that can occur. A quality Driving School Instructor can show you a number of techniques to use as a proactive driver to keep you safe as you drive to Jindalee or other places beyond 4074.