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The Driving School for Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly reverse Bay Parking in Driving School car

We now prefer to teach learners to reverse park into a shopping centre bay where practical.Indooroopilly reverse Bay Park

Why reverse instead of nose in?

  • It is safer, because you are visible and can see other cars while reversing
  • driving out forward you are less likely to have a collision looking ahead
  • In modern cars with reverse cam you can see clearly your path
  • can use the cam to align with the bay
  • easier to make accurate decision how far to reverse and stop

You are not allowed to use the reverse camera in your driving test, but they are becoming standard equipment in modern cars so why not add it to your driving tools. However do not treat it as your primary means for reversing. It should be just like an extra mirror to work with and all round visual observation should remain your primary tool in reversing.

Also use the nose in park in situations where reverse in may be more difficult. Our Indooroopilly Driving Instructor can assist you to make the best choices for Indooroopilly and Chelmer.

Indooroopilly Learners develop proactive skills with our Driving School

We support Learner Drivers in the suburbs surrounding Indooroopilly as they work to gain modern and effective driving skills that will work well for them on our very busy and congested roads. Last century and even today Learners have been taught traditional advanced driving skills, designed for old cars, with old steering systems, brakes and suspension systems. Learning to slam the brakes on in the wet or zig zag around some cones is not much use to you in this modern era (with ABS) and could in fact cause a serious accident in a real situation. This approach is what we would call REACTIVE driving

A report from the Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre states: (CMARC_RACWADriverTrainingReport.pdf)

"The evidence suggests, however, that traditional advanced driver training programs have not been effective at reducing crash risk for young drivers."

At BrizWest Driving School we prefer to teach our Indooroopilly Learners a PROACTIVE approach to driving, which is far more effective with modern cars.

For example, look for flooding or runoff on a motorway and reduce speed, rather than hit the runoff and start aquaplaning and then needing to be reactive. In a serious aquaplaning situation your chances of recovery may be small.

When driving on a roadway a PROACTIVE driver will travel at a speed so that they can stop in the distance they can see around a curve in the road.

A REACTIVE driver may go round that curve faster and then be forced to swirve to avoid an animal or object. The result of swirving could be many very bad outcomes (dont want to think about it).

We encourage Indooroopilly Learner Drivers to take the PROACTIVE pathway with our Brizwest Driving School so that you will be a low risk Driver. That 100 hours it totally aimed at helping you to be a safe driver. We want to help you get there so click on the Contact-Us icon

Scanning is a very important Driving School activity in Indooroopilly

scanning1As the Driver of your car you need to protect yourself from hazards around you as you go on your journey through Indooroopilly. Hazards can take the form of cars, people , potholes, gutters, animals and so much more. To protect yourself you need to know what is around you as you drive and to gather this information you need to continuously scan around your vehicle.

Scanning is a very complex process and a dynamic process. For example on a country road, you mostly need to know what is ahead of you and occasionally what is behind you. Except at crossroads, there is unlikely to be many threats or hazards at the side of your car. However on a dual lane road in Indooroopilly, the number of threats to your vehicle are enormous and your workload is more intense. Fortunately as an experienced driver your subconscious will handle much of this workload for you. As a Learner driver you have to work consciously for a while to develop good scanning skills. These scanning skills are your information gathering tools to keep you safe and thus are so extremely important. As your situation changes when driving along, your priorities in scanning will change. If you see the hazard early you are likely to avoid the hazard. We can help you to develop your scanning technique on your road to being a safe proactive driver.